Quality Labels at a glance

On behalf of its members the Swiss Federation of Tourism supports a number of labels in tourism and acts as inspection and verification body.

Labels can be received by businesses or destinations. Quality commissions consisting of representatives of the most important touristic federations and service providers regularly assess criteria and processes. 



  The Quality Programme of Swiss Tourism boosts quality development and assurance in touristic businesses. It can be obtained by businesses that continually deal with questions of quality and do their best in their guests’ interest every day.

  Not only hotels but also holiday apartments and guest rooms can be awarded with stars. In Switzerland about 25’000 properties are officially classified.

  The EU-Ecolabel is recognised across Europe, this is why it helps businesses to design or improve their environmental management. Most important are measures to optimise energy and water use and to reduce waste.



The Label “Family Destination” distinguishes holiday places and destinations that primarily focus on the needs of children and their company.

  At the request of the touristic industry the Swiss Tourism Federation launched the label “Wellness Destination” in 2008. In order to receive this label the infrastructure of the destination must consistently focus on wellness.

There are many more quality labels in tourism. >more