With Level II you improve the leadership quality

Businesses, which have obtained the quality label I and are willing to improve further, can acquire level II. If you would like to start with level II without prior achievement of level I, you will need to fill in the self-check-form for direct entrants and hand it in to the control centre together with the QII-application.

Higher management staff members are important for safeguarding and developing the quality in the company – by consistently leading and supporting the employees.



The management acquires information by implementing level II which allows well-founded strategic decisions:

  • How do employees and members of the management assess the business?
  • How do the guests evaluate your services?
  • What results do you get from the discreet checks of a mystery person?

The evaluation report offers valuable reference values within the industry. It enables to check, secure and optimise your services in a target-oriented manner. Important working processes are documented and an action plan with improving measures is produced.