1–5 stars for holiday apartments



Luxury apartment

  • outstanding infrastructure of the property
  • generous area
  • stylish and luxurious furnishings with every technical comfort
  • sophisticated and exclusive overall impression

First class apartment

  • infrastructure fulfils demanding requirements
  • furnishings in an as good as new condition, of a good quality and with special comfort
  • first-class overall impression with matching forms and materials

Comfort apartment

  • the appealing infrastructure is in good condition
  • furnishings are neat and offer good comfort
  • cosy and appealing overall impression

Standard apartment

  • satisfactory infrastructure
  • appropriate furnishings with some comfort 
  • emphasis on functionality
  • decent overall impression

Basic apartment

  • the necessary infrastructure is available
  • basic furnishings with some adjusted comfort
  • ready to use condition 

Intermediate level «Superior»

If a property achieves the number of points – but not the required criteria – of the next higher category, the attribute “Superior” will be added.

In order to obtain a classification category, two requirements have to be met:

  1. The specified minimal requirements and the must criteria are met.
  2. The minimal points for the category are reached.

The Swiss Tourism Federation launched a classification for holiday apartments first in 1993/94. With the revision of 2000, the random inspections were introduced. 2008 the guest room classification was added in 2013 the intermediate level Superior was established.